Join The Ultimate Business Quest: Your Gateway To Fame And Fortune!

Win Cash & Get Your Business In Front Of Millions!

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2023 AVA

Digital Awards


Join the Ultimate Business Quest: The C.U.T. - Your Gateway to Fame and Fortune!

Win Up To $5,000 & Get Your Business In Front Of Millions!

Prove your skills, get seen by millions on Live TV and secure your place to win $5,000 by downloading the app and joining the contest!

2023 AVA

Digital Awards


It's not your dream at stake, it's your business

The constant fear of failure, isolation, and the daunting search for support and funds are overwhelming. We've been there.

You're Not Alone In This.

We Will Show You How To:

Ignite Your Ambition

Master Business Strategies

Fuel Your Determination

Do You Have What It Takes To "Make The C.U.T."?

Discover the crucial education, networking opportunities, and financial support that have eluded you until now.

"The C.U.T. - The Carnival of Unconventional Thought," a contest for entrepreneurs that presents you a verified path to victory.


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Attend the C.U.T. and get nationwide recognition while competing against other contestants for the grand prize of $5,000.

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A Perfect Mix Of In-App And Real-Life Experiences

Ultimate Business Quest is an award-winning app developed to accelerate business growth of over 100,000 entrepreneurs.

Only UBQ app users will have the opportunity for fame and fortune at “Making The C.U.T.”

Your Proven Pathway To "Making The C.U.T."

Educate Yourself in Quest University

Network with over 100,000 peers

Put Your Brand In the Spotlight

Fame & Fortune Awaits At "The C.U.T." Live Show

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It's time to take the leap, test your business prowess, and become the first champion of the show!

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Over 100,000 Entrepreneurs Have Started Their Quest

Here Are A Few Of The Success Stories Of Fellow Questers

“I have realized that i have just about
quit everything in my life. Have only
given my all in a few things. The
excuse was always that i was
redirecting to something better.. but maybe not. How much better,
expanded, open, less resistant could i
be if i had just surrendered to my path.
Now is the time to commit to yourself and flow.

Brock Palisi

“I think I'm a Wizard. But I was raised
to be a Wizard. Which proves that it is
a survival tool for me. But sometimes,
it doesn't make sense to myself, that's
the tag of war within myself. It all
made sense now why I'm so affected by every decision my mother makes for me, from when I was little until now. That it doesn't feel right. Because it is not me. My mother's a Wizard, my father a warrior. What I need is to listen to what the BARD in me needs and utilize it to its maximum when talking to clients. I just realize how powerful it is. Thanks Aaron! You're the best! Thanks Coach Mack for this!”

Martha Angela Casimiro

“I don't know if I am a wizard or raised as a Wizard...but last week my wizard helped me see the flaw in my thinking pattern and " release the wrong pattern to connect and claim my power and leadership back , I overcame my procrastination, be in flow of actions with my jester and enjoy my outcomes , FLAW DOES NOT EXIST in my BEINGNESS , but in my thinking pattern ra. I AM NO FLAW but ENERGY FLOW the best is yet to come Thank you Team"

Kim Neau

“Phones I am a wizard raised by a jester and a bard by nature who both grew up to be warriors I love how my wizard witnessed the interconnectedness of it all the whole time when I was growing up.
All makes sense to me now why and how I knew what should show up when.”

Tina Cruz Phones

“How do I win my battles? Summon my #wizard to create the masterplan, dispatch the #warrior to execute the strategy, display #bard to empower & inspire the team and tag the #jester to stay in it to WIN IT.”

Johannah Mariz

“Problem solving is such a helpful tool. That's what I'm getting from studying the archetypes. It's quite spiritual for me to contemplate things Mr Aaron says about waking up. I keep getting the mirror of being too hard on myself, then I take time out and repeat. Can't quite find the sweet spot...”

Claire Blechman

Introducing Your Quest Guides

Dr. Travis Fox

The Mindscape Architect

Founder & Board member

Emmy Award Winner, holding doctorates in both psychology and clinical hypnotherapy. Celebrity Teacher/Trainer. Over 1M in total audience, 28 years as CEO, 3000+ Affiliates Trained

Michelle Fox

The Trio Alchemist

CEO & Co-Founder of All Realms

Former CEO, COO, VP of Sales for Fortune 500 Companies. Successful entrepreneur, technology and operational background. Successful company exits, investor and innovator. Full-time award-winning Bodybuilder.

Robert Raymond Riopel

The Business Herald

Board member

International Best-Selling author, App Designer, Entrepreneur and Trainer who has spent the past 18+ years travelling around the world sharing his passion. He has also shared the stage with and trained many of the top trainers and thought leaders in the world today.

Sifu John Goff

The Business Shaman

Board member

As a Business Shaman, Sifu John Goff harnesses a unique blend of spiritual wisdom, martial arts discipline, and practical business acumen to empower entrepreneurs to build businesses that reflect their deepest values.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Ultimate Business Quest offers a comprehensive learning experience. The advantages are clear: we provide sound advice, and a step-by-step process.

You get access to attend The C.U.T. and win money for your business. You also get access to unlimited coaching and mentoring through Quest University along with unlimited Business Matchmaking.


The Ultimate Business Quest app is an entrepreneurial training ground for all types of entrepreneurs. In a real-world application, The Ultimate Business Quest is the digital pathto The C.U.T. Live. By completing the Ultimate Business Quest app, you become eligible to attend the live event.

Yes. Our approach is focused on what really matters in today’s business world, offering far greater value.

Login details to our app will be emailed to you immediately, granting access to a wide range of modules.

June 2024 will be held in Northern Utah. Other events are TBD for location. Keep in mind you still can win cash for your business with the contests that are all virtual inside the Ultimate Business Quest APP

You can still win cash for your business by staying subscribed in The Ultimate Business Quest APP for $6.99. Each checklist you complete will lead you to a Sudden Death leaderboard where you can compete to win first place and the cash winnings.

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