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Welcome To
"Making The C.U.T.®"

The Coliseum Of Business Emperors!

But Hold Up!

Brace Yourselves:

"Making The C.U.T.®" Is Not For The Faint Of Heart!

This is where business norms get a reality check. It's the ultimate showdown for those with the guts to defy, the brains to innovate, and the heart to dominate. This is not just an event; it's a crusade against mediocrity.

What Is "Making The C.U.T.®"?

Envision an entrepreneurial battle of epic proportions. Birthed by the elite minds behind the Business Empire® app, fueled by a legion of industry juggernauts – from silver screen moguls to martial arts legends.

These aren't just players; they're the masters of the business game. And they're handing you the cheat codes.

Rules Will Be Rewritten. You Will Be Tested. The Ultimate Payoff Awaits You!

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Introducing Your Quest Guides

Dr. Travis Fox

The Mindscape Architect

Founder & Board member

Emmy Award Winner, holding doctorates in both psychology and clinical hypnotherapy. Celebrity Teacher/Trainer. Over 1M in total audience, 28 years as CEO, 3000+ Affiliates Trained

Michelle Fox

The Trio Alchemist

CEO & Co-Founder of All Realms

Former CEO, COO, VP of Sales for Fortune 500 Companies. Successful entrepreneur, technology and operational background. Successful company exits, investor and innovator. Full-time award-winning Bodybuilder.

Aaron Huey

The Business Druid

Board member

Internationally known lecturer on archetypal imagery and the founder of Fire Mountain Programs, and since 2004 has run kids camps, and family programming. In 2020 Fire Mountain was named one of the Top 100 Innovators in Healthcare.

Robert Raymond Riopel

The Business Herald

Board member

International Best-Selling author, App Designer, Entrepreneur and Trainer who has spent the past 18+ years travelling around the world sharing his passion. He has also shared the stage with and trained many of the top trainers and thought leaders in the world today.

Sifu John Goff

The Business Shaman

Board member

As a Business Shaman, Sifu John Goff harnesses a unique blend of spiritual wisdom, martial arts discipline, and practical business acumen to empower entrepreneurs to build businesses that reflect their deepest values.

It’s Time To Unleash The Tempest

Sick of the same old song and dance? Here, your earth-shattering ideas don’t just make waves – they create tsunamis, rewriting the DNA of industries. Our strategies aren’t just clever; they’re the stuff of legend, designed to catapult you to a realm where only the boldest dare to tread.

Forge Your Empire

Dismiss those fairy tales of 'overnight success' from the so called “gurus”. Your ascent is carved from steel, cunning, and relentless drive. It’s a conquest, a relentless march to greatness. An empire isn’t just built; it’s seized. Ready to turn every challenge into a trophy in your hall of fame?

It’s Not A Path, It’s A Rampage To Success

Forget the worn-out road! "Making The Cut" is your juggernaut through the mundane world of business. It's not about just succeeding; it’s about reigning like a deity in the pantheon of industry giants. Carve your legacy in the annals of time, and let them whisper your name in awe.

You Will Unlock These

God-Level Skills

Mastering Communication & Customer Engagement:

Harness the sheer force of your words. Plunge into the depths of market psychology and craft messages that don’t just resonate – they command attention.

Advanced Sales & Growth Strategies:

Enter the domain of sales sorcery. Shape your strategy for nuclear-level growth, turning each handshake into a seismic event in your saga of conquest.

Adaptive Market Strategies & Deal-Closing Mastery:

In an ever-changing business world, be the storm. Master the art of the deal with the precision of a mastermind and the ferocity of a warrior.

Your Arsenal Of Dominance

Command Persuasive Communication

Seize Control Of Your Market Sector

Supercharge Your Business Growth

Adapt And Conquer Market Turbulence

Soar To Industry Mastership

Wisdom From 5 Business Titans

The Throne's Calling,

Dare To Answer?

You’ve witnessed the battleground, now it's time to rule it. "Making The C.U.T.®" isn’t a playground; it’s a realm where only the business titans thrive. Are you just another dreamer, or are you the emperor in waiting?

Ready To Rule? Hit Download And Start Your Conquest!

Your journey to business mastery begins with a single, decisive act. Download the Business Empire App and unlock the door to your empire. This is your moment, your turning point. Will you step up to the challenge?

Hesitation is for the weak. By downloading this app, you’re not joining the ranks; you’re leading the charge. This is where you transform from a player to a legend, from a follower to the one who is followed. Seize your future, or remain a footnote in someone else’s legacy.

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The Battle Cry Has Been Sounded,

Your Empire Awaits!

Your journey to business mastery begins with a single, decisive act. Download the Business Empire App and unlock the door to your empire. This is your moment, your turning point. Will you step up to the challenge?

Let’s Begin Making The C.U.T

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